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Submit your works to the JARO Art service. JARO Art is a compelling, visual art online service that can beautifully transform and inspire any environment. JARO Art delivers a world of captivating visual art and photography appealing to African American and urban-influenced global audiences of consumer and business customers.  JARO Art features a diverse mix of art by up-and-coming, emerging, established, and classic visual artists and photographers.

Our customers:

  • Browse and explore a growing, diverse, and dynamic catalog of artistic images to select from.
  • Display galleries on any Internet-connected device. Large flat screen TVs yield an affordable luxury experience at home, work, or play!
  • Curate personalized galleries based on individual preferences such as subject, style, color, medium, and artists.

We believe everyone should have access to beautiful art.  Our vision is to create a bazaar-like ecosystem that creates value for global customers, visual artists, and sponsors and that builds into the communities we serve.

JARO is building a curated collection of traditional and digital art and photography for display on TVs and Internet-connected devices via a unique and exciting distribution model and subscription service. Selected works and artists will be promoted through our social media and online magazine and all artists will have the opportunity to sell their original works and or prints with 0% commissions.

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The first step is to provide us with a quick look at your works.

  • 1 – 10 images that you would like to submit and have our curatorial team review.
  • Medium resolution images (up to 1 MB) for our initial review.
  • A short statement about yourself or your work.
  • Link to your portfolio or website.


Click the SUBMIT button above.

If selected, here are the requirements to participate:

  • Artists agree to:
    • Participate in the JARO Art Galleries for a minimum period of 90 days and Approve JARO Art Artist Agreement.
    • Provide short and long Descriptions and Dimensions for each title, an Artist Biography, an Artist Statement, and your CV; and Sales Contacts using the  JARO Art & Photography Data Input form for each selected work.
  • Technical Specifications
    • We display images on 16:9 horizontal television screens so images will look best and fill the screen with this aspect ratio.
    • Image files should be jpeg or png format.
    • High resolution image file size may be up to 25MB.
    • The resolution for a full-screen image should be at least equivalent to 4K/UHD resolution (at least 3840 x 2160 pixels)
    • For artistic images that do not fill the 16:9 screen, Jaro team may surround the image with a background and or borders that complement the image.

[/vc_column_text][wbc_heading tag=”h3″ heading_style=”heading-3″ title=”Opportunity for Artists ” font_size=”30″ color=”#000000″ wbc_color=”#f26848″][vc_column_text]

  • 100% of ensuing sales of original art and or prints go directly to the artist.
  • Artists receive quarterly royalty payments based on the relative popularity of each title.
  • Promotion across JARO online Magazine, streaming platform, and social media platforms.
  • Selected artists will be featured in spotlight interviews as part of a JARO Podcast.

[/vc_column_text][wbc_heading tag=”h3″ heading_style=”heading-3″ title=”Selection Process:” font_size=”30″ color=”#000000″ wbc_color=”#f26848″][vc_column_text]

  • JARO curatorial team reviews all Submissions and accepts Submissions based on quality, creativity, and alignment with JARO Art mission and target audience.  Accepted Submissions will be shown on this website.
  • JARO curatorial team will choose images for the library and notify artists for next steps.
  • JARO curatorial team will organize launch gallery artists into groupings based on the experience and demonstrated skill level (e.g. Student, Emerging, and Established).

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