Jaro Registration

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  • Complete the form below for our initial review.
  • Submit Your Art Image (medium resolution web quality is acceptable for our initial review).
  • JARO curatorial Team will review all Submissions, notify artists of Acceptance, and request high-resolution images as required.
  • Low-resolution images of Accepted Submissions will be displayed here.
  • JARO curatorial team will make final Selections and send notifications.
  • Low-resolution images of Selected Submissions will be displayed here.

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” font_size=”15″][wbc_heading tag=”h3″ heading_style=”heading-3″ align=”center” title=”HERE ARE |6 REASONS |TO SUPPORT JARO!” font_size=”40″ m_bottom=”20″][wbc_heading tag=”div” align=”center” title=”Our vision is a bazaar-like ecosystem that creates value for global customers, content creators, and sponsors and builds into the communities we serve.
” font_size=”15″ m_bottom=”45″ max_width=”570″ m_left=”auto” m_right=”auto” color=”#000000″][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][wbc_icon_box icon_pack=”flaticon” box_style=”center” heading=”WE SHARE SUCCESS” icon_flaticon=”flaticon-access32″ icon_size=”60″ icon_color=”#f26848″ m_bottom=”40″]Filmmakers, visual artists, and photographers should be paid for their work, talent, and skill. We are breaking new ground with a hybrid content acquisition model that supports both traditional upfront licensing and back end revenue sharing royalties. Our royalty payments are distributed from a pool that is based on a percentage of our revenues. These payments are distributed regularly based on the relative popularity of your content.[/wbc_icon_box][wbc_icon_box icon_pack=”flaticon” box_style=”center” heading=”WE INVEST IN MARKETING” icon_flaticon=”flaticon-mail138″ icon_size=”60″ icon_color=”#f26848″ m_bottom=”40″]

We will build our audience by investing in marketing best practices that include a 360 marketing plan that incorporates state-of-the-art SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and social media techniques. If you sign up for royalty payments, any work you put towards promoting your content may turn into more money in your pocket since we pay you in proportion to the relative popularity of your content with the Jaro audience.

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After a domestic launch, our Jaro platform will quickly expand to reach a global audience. We will have the ability to block geographic areas. If you have a need to restrict access in a specific country, we can do that for you.

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If you are a royalty fee content creator, you’re always free to explore additional outlets for your content.

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Our Chief Content Officer is an award-winning independent filmmaker and entrepreneur. As a founder and leader in the company, he brings an artist perspective to everything we do. We knows just how hard it is to finance and create a quality film then find a distribution deal that makes all the good work pay off. Jaro is committed to creating Win, Win, Win opportunities for our Content Creators, Advertisers, and Audience.

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In addition to our royalty payment plan, we will provide content creators with options to:

  • Charge premiums for streaming access to their work
  • Create demand by limiting access by time and quantity (think limited showings and numbered copies)
  • Sell their works directly through a click-to-buy capability

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