‘Silver & Gold’ Named An Official Selection Of The New Jersey Web Festival

The accolades continue to roll in for Silver & Gold, as it’s been announced that the series has been named an official selection of the upcoming 5th annual New Jersey Web festival.  The Jaro Media presented series is no stranger to acclaim, having amassed over 20 nominations from 10 different film festivals since its debut in October […]

‘Silver & Gold’ Wins Big At Cult Critic Movie Awards

‘Silver & Gold’ continues to dominate its way through the film festival circuit. The Jaro Media original series has been named an official selection to nine different festivals, garnering 18 nominations, with 6 wins. Now the series can add three more victories to its total as it’s been announced that ‘Silver & Gold’ is a major […]

‘Silver & Gold’ Takes Home Four Awards At Virgin Spring Cinefest, Series Lead Brittaney Traylor Named Best Actress

Jaro Media officially has a hit on its hands. Following last month’s launch of their first platform-branded digital series, ‘Silver & Gold’ has been named an official selection of five different film festivals, nominated for ten different awards, and has won four. The Alonge Hawes helmed heist series was bestowed with the Critic’s Choice & Outstanding Achievement […]

Alonge Hawes Wins Big At 2022 Minnesota Webfest

Alonge Hawes didn’t need much forewarning that he’d have a successful evening during the awards ceremony of the 6th annual Minnesota Webfest. Following the enthusiastic audience response to his world premiering series ‘Silver & Gold’ and ‘Good Black Man’; Hawes walked into the Annex du Nord Art Hostel with 9 nominations (with a surprise 10th […]

Alonge Hawes & ‘Silver & Gold’ Garner Further Nominations At Upcoming Minnesota Webfest

With two world premieres and four nominations heading into next week’s Minnesota Webfest, Alonge Hawes must have been feeling pretty good. Now both he and his creative team have further reason to be in a celebratory mood as the distinguished film festival has announced, via their second-round nomination reveal, that both ‘Silver & Gold’ and […]

Jaro Media Sets Release Date For Original Series ‘Silver & Gold’ – Unveils Official Intro

After many months which saw the platform hype the project with a series of visual teasers, posters, and stills, Jaro Media has finally announced the official release date for their first platform branded original series ‘Silver & Gold’. The Alonge Hawes created digital series will premiere with a special two episode launch on Tuesday, October […]

Alonge Hawes’s ‘Silver & Gold’ Scores Big With Multiple Nominations At 6th Annual Minnesota Webfest

Following July’s announcement that Alonge Hawes would premiere two brand new digital series at the 6th annual Minnesota Webfest, the festival has announced that Hawes has garnered 4 nominations at the upcoming event. The upcoming Jaro original series ‘Silver & Gold’ has garnered nominations in the writing and genre series categories as has the original […]

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