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Roadside Attractions Acquires Acclaimed Sundance Film ‘Exhibiting Forgiveness,’ Starring André Holland And Andra Day

Roadside Attractions has secured the rights to Exhibiting Forgiveness, the 2024 Sundance sensation starring André Holland, Andra Day, John Earl Jelks, and Aunjanue Ellis-Taylor. Set for its theatrical release this fall, the film marks the directorial debut of renowned artist Titus Kaphar, who also penned the script.  The synopsis reads: Tarrell Rodin (Holland) is an […]

Zane Copeland Jr. and Shani Hawes Head ‘Uptown’ And Join Cast of Upcoming Animated Project

The newest casting announcements for the upcoming animated film/series adds both a familiar face and a multiplatinum recording artist to the proceedings. Zane Copeland Jr. and Shani Hawes have officially joined the cast of the upcoming film & series project ‘The Uptown Chronicles.’ Details regarding the pairs roles are undisclosed at this time, but it […]

SDG Quantum Productions Announces Animated Project ‘The Uptown Chronicles’ As Film & Series Franchise  

Following the announcement that Alonge Hawes had been tapped to join the production of a somewhat mysterious animated project spearheaded by Steven Goard titled ‘The Uptown Chronicles’, news has now come forth confirming the nature of the project. ‘The Uptown Chronicles’ is simultaneously being developed as both a film and series, with the film aiming […]

Upcoming ‘Free at Last’ Documentary Will Deep Dive Into The Untold History Of South Africa’s Apartheid

“Free at Last” is an upcoming documentary series that will recount Apartheid’s history, Variety reports. Co-produced by Germany’s Beetz Brothers and South Africa’s Storyscope, the project will deep dive into South Africa’s decades-long oppressive regime. It will also feature exclusive accounts from victims and perpetrators, unseen footage, and undisclosed documents.  In honor of Nelson Mandela’s […]

JARO Spotlight: Mike Rae Anderson On Award-Winning Film ‘In The Matchbox,’ Empowering Others, And Activism In The Community

During the 6th annual short film competition at the 2023 Peachtree Village International Film Festival, JARO took pride in presenting a selection of over 40 finalists from diverse corners of the world. The top honor of first place was awarded to In the Matchbox, a film written by Jermi Little and directed by Mike Rae […]

 ‘Silver & Gold’ Set to Return December 4th On JARO

A year after its debut, Silver & Gold is finally returning with new episodes. The critically acclaimed, award-winning series is set to make its return Monday, December 4th with a special 60-minute episode on Jaro Media. The episode, the 7th in the series first season, is titled “The Valley Of Sorek” and will explore the perilous […]

“Therapy Sess” Set to Captivate Audiences as a Finalist at the 18th Annual Peachtree Village International Film Festival (PVIFF)

The 18th annual Peachtree Village International Film Festival (PVIFF) proudly announces the screening of the web series “Therapy Sess” as a finalist in this year’s prestigious lineup. Directed by Jason Holmes, the series offers a fresh perspective on the complexities of love, divorce, and self-discovery. Synopsis: “Therapy Sess” follows the journey of a newly divorced […]

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