Oniros Film Awards Names ‘Silver & Gold’ Best Web Series

Oniros Film Awards Names ‘Silver & Gold’ Best Web Series

As awards season continues, Alonge Hawes and Jaro Media have continued reason to celebrate, as the series has picked up two major prizes at the Oniros Film Awards.

Out of four nominations, the acclaimed heist series “Silver & Gold” was awarded Best Web Series and creator Alonge Hawes was awarded Best Screenplay. Lead actor Quentin Williams was also nominated for Best Actor and cinematographer Joshua Dennard was nominated for Best Cinematography, the awards mark the second time an Alonge Hawes created series won Best Web Series, the first being for the second season of the series Blue Collar Hustle in 2018. It also marks the third time Oniros has awarded Hawes with Best Screenplay, having awarded him in 2019 & 2020 for the first and second seasons of his series Black On Both Sides.

“Silver & Gold” has been an instant hit for Jaro Media, picking up a slew of nominations and awards across various festivals since it’s October premiere. Amongst the festivals that have named ‘Silver & Gold’ an official selection are the Minnesota Webfest, IndieXFest, Independent Shorts Awards, Indie Shorts Fest, and Virgin Spring Cinefest, amassing 21 award nominations across 15 different categories. The series has also been critically acclaimed, with series leads Brittaney Traylor and Quentin Williams performances as seductive thieves Bahiya Payne and Charles Goldar being called “Ingeniously charming” by Chris Hadley of Snobby Robot. Phil Hernandez of thevpntv.com has hailed the series as “the most captivating and exciting Alonge Hawes production to date.”

 The Oniros Film Awards is an international IMDB qualifying competition with a public screening event held in New York City every three months, celebrating films and filmmakers from all around the world. Their stated mission is to discover high quality and ambitious films, to promote filmmakers’ works and to be the next step in their career.

 “Silver & Gold” has aired 5 episodes to date, with the 6th, titled “The Color Of The Jazz Is Blu(e)”, to premiere Tuesday Nov 8th. Quentin Williams, Brittaney Traylor, Shani Hawes and Roberto Cruz make up the ensemble cast. Alonge Hawes serves as writer and director of all episodes. Hawes also executive produces alongside Rich DeVaughn. Joshua Dennard, Cordarol Sanders, Quentin Williams, Shani Hawes, Rodderick Fedd, and Jamal McClendon serve as producers. “Silver & Gold” airs weekly on Jaro Media’s website and Roku channel. All available episodes can be streamed at the link below.

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